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Why can't I breathe?

The Negotiation

The Office came back this week, WHOO! PARTY! after waiting for so long for a new episode. Dwight saved Jim using Pepper Spray on Roy. Pam and Roy will never, I mean NEVER see each other again (or we hope) Ram, Poy, whatever you called them they are done and finished. Angela went around the office asking people what had happened probably because she wanted to hear how heroic Dwight was, near the last 10 minutes ofthe episode, Dwight and Angela made - out in front of some of their other co-workers, I guess they don't care anymore or that was Dwight's reward. Jim bought Dwight a present but he didn't except it because he was just doing something any law inforcer would do, he didn't mean to  save Jim.  Darryl asked Michael for a 10% raise, which would be more than what Michael gets paid. So Michael, Darryl, and Toby (he had to go along) went to Jan's office so Michael could get a raise. Wait, what about Andy? Well Andy came back at the end of the episode, when Andy entered, dwight spraied him with pepper spray, Andy said "I graduated anger management the same way I graduated Cornell, being on time." So maybe Andy still won't be able to control his anger. Well that's it Happy Easter, Passover, or whatever you celebrate.