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.07% and Five Years gone

 Sorry for the inconvinence , last Sunday when I was typing the blog for Heroes and The Office, it somehow deleted and I was too lazy to type it all up again. So I will have an entry for heroes and an entry for The Office. Anyway, In Ch. 19: Matt, Ted, and HRG escape from the Primatech Paper company building. LINDERMAN HAS A POWER!!! I just wanted to do that, he can bring dead things back to life. Issac is killed by Sylar, which apparently he doesn't mind being killed because he painted his own death anyway. In the beginning of the episode the fight: Peter vs. Sylar, it was awesome and here's a link ... well its too hard to describe. Claire meets her father, Nathan while he is mourning Peter's death; her grandmother lets Claire have her moment with Peter and during that time Peter comes back to life so if Claire dies, Peter dies I guess you can say that they can't live without each other. Mohinder is off of the wall! Sorry, I just have a thing that's all. Hiro and Ando didn't get a lot of camera action except at the end when they meet Future Hiro.

    Now to the next topic : Five Years gone, the name says it all right? They start where we left off last week in Issac's apartment.we find out that Future Hiro is a terrorist, which for me is hard to believe even though F. Hiro is dressed kind of like a ninja. Claire is a waitress at a diner in Texas, her psuedo name is Sandra ( if you didn't notice, that was her adoptive mom's name) she was going to marry the busboy. But she had to leave unexpectedly and she couldn't tell him why. Claire goes to NYC to visit her father when he is really Sylar. Yes, Sylar got Candice, people say that she is a bitch so they should be pretty happy about that. Apparently, he killed Nathan, so technically, Sylar is President because of the shape shift power. Mohinder is EXTREMELY sexy with glasses, well he's extremely sexy without them too but there's just something about that...  anyway on his sexiness, when he said "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World," he pretty much took my breath away at that point. Mohinder saved Hiro, he knew that the Hiro  they caught wasn't the Hiro they wanted. Matt and The Haitian who caught the wrong Hiro is incredibly stupid, when he was reading P. Hiro's mind, he couldn't figure out that he came from the past. Peter told ando that he was dead in the future. Peter, who now lives in Vegas with Niki  has the scar across his face and his hair slicked back. Personally, I liked Peter's emo hair better. Jessica was killed when the bomb exploded, but Niki survived which I don't really get because I would think Jessica would take Niki down with her. Micah and D.L Hawkins also died. Well that's it so remember, if your a cheerleader maybe you can save a life and in the word of Hiro "I look upset."