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Why can't I breathe?

Spidey 3 continued

More about Spidey 3. I didn't fall for the Sandman's sympathy story at all, just because I 'm smart enough to not fall for those. I have a new favorite Spiderman villain, drumroll please..............VENOM! He is such a cool villain, but my other favorite is Doc Oc. They will have to go into combat. One critic said that they could see some religious undertone, I could see where they got it from. SPOILER!!! When Eddie Brock goes to the church, he walks threw the door with the stairs that lead to the bell tower. Peter is up their getting the black off of him and it lands on Eddie. If you didn't understand, here's a link. The religious undertone was that scene, see the black represents the devil because it is possessing innocent people (Peter and Brock.)