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Why can't I breathe?

I'm sorry I haven't posted for the last two Office episodes but I will just skip those. So in the hour long finale of The Office, Jim and Karen go to apply for the same job. Although, Karen got the job. Jim came back and asked Pam if she  could go to dinner with him. Here's a scene from this episode when Jim is being interviewed for the job. As you notice, Jim has a bad hair cut. He joined the Bad Hair Cut cult with Zach, Nick, David, Adam, and Ben (aka: kneuronak) in that order.Dwight is the Regional manager with his suck up Andy and Pam as the secret assistant to the Regional Manager. Dwight gives out "Schrute Bucks"  and he has NO  MEETINGS.  He also paints his knew office black and do you know who is turned on by all of this? You guessed the obvious, Angela. Earlier Jan comes in with a boob job and a low cut sweater asking Michael to rekindle their relationship and Michael say yes. Later, he goes to the interview and it is for Jan's job. Well I think I said a lot about this grand show of shows and on to the other.

Heroes is having their finale this Monday. Peter, Ted, and Claire have a plan to leave town but on their way down the street the CIA caught Ted and Peter made him and Claire invisible so they could escape. Later Sylar shows up infront of the truck Ted is in and flips it over and opens Ted's head open. Hiro finds out his father wants him to use his powers to kill Sylar. I'll say more later.