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Mar. 27th, 2007

My first "Straight to video then to TV" movie

I usually shun these movies and say that you have to watch them in Hell, but I saw a commercial for Bring it On: All or Nothing. I thought I might as well see it because of Hayden from Heroes. Be warned, this isn't the invincible cheerleader we know and love. This cheerleader is the stereotypical IMing teenager. She won't have sex with her boyfriend unless he makes the relationship "special" by homecoming. Later that day she finds out that her dad lost his job and they have to move to a different town an hour away from where they live at that moment. She goes to the new school where it is mostly blacks, hispanics, etc. basically, mostly everything else but Whites. At Britney's (Hayden) old school, there was this cheerleader who was jealous of her, she became captain and other things I don't want to give away. This movie pretty much sucked, I give it a 3/10 for a highly predictable film (no wonder it went straight to video.) If you want to see it for yourself, it wil be on again on ABC Family Thursday at 8PM.

Mar. 24th, 2007


Last night, I went to see TMNT, it was actually really good but your just hearing it from someone whose only seen commercials and got info about these turtles in general from I love the 80's. There was an actual plot and a lot of thinking involved to see what is going to happen next for a children's movie. I don't want to give anything away, but Sarah Michelle Gellar does a voiceover for April and Patrick Stewart does a voiceover for Winters. It was  above definitely my expectations for this movie so I give it a 9/10 because of the movie itself. I have a favorite which is Donatello because hey, he's smart. remember "Attack as One!"

Mar. 10th, 2007


In Heroes this week, HRG had forgotten his memory, well at least enough that he forgot about the "assignment". Claire's adoptive mom and her brother were faking the whole thing. Simone is really dead, but there is a new character on Heroes that works with HRG, I forgot her name but she is a shape - shifter. Claire is taken by The Haitian to the airport, Claire took his passport and threw it in the garbage after she passed security and flew to New York to be with Peter who wasn't there at the time; but Claire did meet her real grandmother and The Haitian was there also ( so how did he get there?) Mohinder knew all along that "Zane" was really Sylar and made him unconcious with tea. Sylar woke up and crucified Mohinder to the corner of the ceiling. Peter came in and Sylar opening Peter's forehead with his mind, and it looked like Peter was trying to fight . Ando came back for Hiro dressed up as a guard, Hiro has more power and has the sword. Well that's it, Heroes won't come back 'til April 23 and The Office won't come back until I think April 6 

Feb. 25th, 2007

This Week's Episodes and Garden State

In Heroes this week, Claire tells her HRG that she didn't lose her memory and she shouldn't keep having the Haitian take away her mother's memory. Hiro saves Ando from that crazy blonde chick named Hope, Hiro gains some of his powers back and hiro decides to go back to Tokyo and is about to step on the bus, I'm not sure if anyone noticed this but Stan Lee was the bus driver. Meanwhile, Mohinder and Sylar meet this repairwoman who can here really well, so well she can here a person's heartbeat, well Sylar, The Glutton of Superpowers, kills this lady to have her power; it's to bad Mohinder doesn't have the slightest clue of what is going on, but at least he's good- looking. In The Office,  Karen, Jim, Dwight, Michael, and Jan go to a Cocktail party while the rest of the gang goes to a bar. Karen tells Jim that she slept with a bunch of guys at the party when really she didn't, Jan makes out with Michael in the bathroom when Dwight is inspecting the home for termites and things. At the bar, Pam notices a stuffed animal duck in one of those crane, which by the way Toby gets for Pam and she tells him that he could give it to his daughter. Near the end of the episode, Pam tells Roy what happened between her and Jim during Casino Night and roy got really angry and frustrated and started to throw bottles at the mirror while Pam escaped. Last night I watched Garden State with Zach Braff and Natalie Portman, it's about this actor that travels back to New Jersey to go to his estranged mother's funeral. He meets up with his old friends from High School that smoke pot and other things like that, then he meets Natalie Portman's character Sam, who Zach's character falls in love with; 7.8/10. Remember "Life isn't a comic book" - Hiro, Roy is going to kill Jim Halpert, and make sure no one writes "balls" on your forehead.

Feb. 19th, 2007

Empire Records

Yesterday, I was at a friends Birthday party and watched her favorite movie, it's called Empire Records. Basically it is about a record store that doesn't want to be owned by a big corporation called Music Town. It's also about the characters to, its hard to explain but it is pretty good, my friends would be mad at me because I'll only give it 7/10. If your looking for any big stars in this film, your only going to find Renee Zellweger and Liv Taylor (no offense).

Feb. 16th, 2007

Business school, Earl's Birthday, and Heroes

In the office this week, michael and Ryan went to a business school to make a presentation while Dwight found a bat in the office. Jim pulled a prank on dwight by pretending he was a vampire, which is quite funny but there was hardly any *JAM* chemistry because *RAM* has been reunited! In My Name is Earl, it was Earl's birthday and everyone that was invited decided to make him feel hatred toward himself, but when he home to his motel room, the real party began. in Heroes, a new character named Zane, who got killed by Sylar, we will Zane as that guy who could melt things with his mind. Claire's real mom didn't want her to meet her real father. Ando was seduced by a lady named Hope, Hiro got locked up in a closet, Jessica almost killed Matt. Remember "Poop is falling off the ceiling. Poop!", the one legged lady will attack you after a one night stand, and Someone flies, someone dies.

Feb. 11th, 2007

Movie & Phyllis's wedding

Last night I watched The Illusionist, it was a great movie. It's set in early 1900's Vienna, it's about Eisenheim(Edward Norton) and his affair with an aristocrat (Jessica Biel) but it's more than that though. I don't want to give to much away so i give it 9/10 for an intriguing storyline and great special effects. I had to watch  Phyllis' s  Wedding  on  www.dunderball.com, it was an okay episode, you could tell that Pam was mad at the fact that  Phyllis stole Pam's wedding ideas(flowers, invitations, dress, etc.) Michael was kind of immature pushing Phyllis's father's wheelchair and then he got up from the wheelchair and walked her down the aisle.Dwight was really funny, and there was some *JAM* chemistry in that episode, but Pam left with Roy. Maybe they will become *RAM*(Pam + Roy = Ram) once again . I liked *DWANGELA* in this episode, though they did keep away from each other for a while, until the end when they slow-danced together *sniffle*.   

Jan. 29th, 2007

No info for you!

I'm not sorry for the PERVERTS.. who want to know any private info about myself, because I am not that gullible like the myspacers. I will only talk about the things I said I would talk about in the first entry. If you want to sexually assault someone, I'm not the person. To the Perverts out their, all of you need therapy.

Jan. 28th, 2007

Welcome to my LiveJournal

I'm am not I repeat NOT going to talk about myself except I will talk about TV, movies, music, etc. that I like. My sister is doinkies, she also has a livejournal. My favorite show is The Office, if you have an ipod or or something that can get podcasts I recommend Thats What She Said, it's the guy's point of view of The Office with segments such as the watercooler and my favorite: Jim's ipod. I do not like Grey's Anatomy, The O.C., LOST or any other dramas except for Heroes. One of my favorite bands is Franz Ferdinand, they are from Scotland and most of their songs were released in the U.K but some songs were released in the U.S, such as Take me Out, This Fire, and Do You Want To . Stop by, but it is kind of boring.

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